Qualifications & trainings in bodywork :

Rolfing Structural Integration® (www.rolfing.org)
ScarWork/ Integrating Scar Tissue into the fascial web (Sharon Wheeler)
Uncoiling the spirals (Gael Rosewood)

Qualifications in movement practices:

Kundalini Yoga

Anatomie For Movement®
No Risk Abs ®
Contemporary Dance

Price for Oustanding Choreography at Trinity Laban

My movement ‘s educational approach is a rich experience of fifteen years of research in the diverse following body techniques :

Pilates (Trinity Laban)
Laban-Bartenieff (Janet Kaylo)
Bernadette De Gasquet
Alexander technique
Continuum movement
Odile Rouquet work
Hubert Godard work
Franklin Method
Yoga Scaravelli
Contact Improvisation

My approach

My approach is to integrate multiple way to move the body. A pain-free body is a body that moves in all three dimensions of space. For this, it is important to vary the practices and incorporate awareness movement while listening to his body.

I attach great importance to the slow and gradual practice of each exercise. For me it is more important to come to a single aligned pump,than a series in a hurry, in which we will not have learned to use our body appropriately. Thus I speak of creating new coordinations. For this, we need time, listening, creativity, repetition and establishing a dialogue.

I thus applies these principles to Rolfing as well as in postural coaching.

In Rolfing, I use a conscious touch to listen to the bodily sensations of the person. There is no question of invasive manipulations. Even in inaction, it is possible to feel involved with being touched. This is how you can free yourself of your deep tensions. A dialogue is possible between the act of the practitioner and your body material in its interior environment.

In coaching Postural (sessions or movement), I mainly use the body as a mobilization tool. I also enjoy working with fitness accessories such as fitball, elastics and weights. My research will always use these instruments with the full awareness of the movement. This will avoid creating bad postural patterns, which too often in gyms are increasing postural imbalances instead of correcting it.

My movement sessions are very complementary with my Rolfing sessions to perfect your postural balance and get a long-term positive results. “