All sessions offer series of movement sequences aimed at working the deep muscles and harmonizing your general muscular/fascia tone. We work slowly, precisely, always connecting with our breathing.
We try to perceive the way we move in order to improve our postural alignment. To do that, it is necessary to get to know what we wish to activate. We will evoke together some principles of functional and fascia anatomy and we will work proper alignment in each exercice.

We learn to let go of tension before doing any movement, in order to disengage the tightening areas and allow an opening of the whole body during the exercices. The specificity of this work is to take time to learn, engage by asking questions linked to your what you feel during the exercices.
It consists in embodying the outer and inner shape  of our body that perform movements by being precise about their co-ordinative sequences and alignement. You will build strength with no effort and will principally use efficient support.

  • Movement sequences
  • Work in to work out
  • Breathing
  • Joint mobility
  • Core work
  • Stretching-release
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Body awareness
  • Postural integration
  • Walking analysis


When you work this way, you will eliminate chronic pain linked to stress and to bad posture. You will wal with ease and will feel taller, longer, slender.
The quality of your presence and body language will be more sophisticated. You will use less effort and will find an economical way to move in your daily and sportive activities.

Swiss Ball, Reformer Sessions

The swiss ball is like a constant witness of our relationship to balance. When we use swiss ball exercises with movement awareness, we build a strong and flexible core. Sequences are elaborated in order to build a stable body in a context of instability. It is a real pleasure to move, stretch, relax, strengthen with the mobile support that is the swiss ball.

The reformer also will help you build another awareness into movement, building coordination, strengh and a better adaptation to the field of gravity while standing , walking, breathing.

Movement Sessions

Exercises inspired by various approaches in somatic and dance training Keren’Or has practiced that she integrated with her understanding of the rolfing principles. She will combines with integration exercices from Pilates, release dance technique, contact improvisation, Blandine Calais-Germain methods, Laban-Bartenieff, Ideokinesis, Aikido and Yoga.

The goal is to find a way to move better with understanding how to use your body in your daily life without forcing yourself into a postural correctness. At the end, you will learn to breath, move, act naturally with a capacity to adapt to any situation.